Hello World!

Assalamualaikum and hello to you, the reader.

My name is Aiman, and I established this blog to share my experiences of travelling to interesting places in Malaysia. Hopefully people could benefit from my sharing of experiences, and could broaden our knowledge, especially for those planning to travel to these places.

I love travelling to new places. It makes me feel alive. Going to new places, meeting new and positive people, learning new things and acquiring new perspective of life...those are what I love best about travelling.

Allow me to share this quote, which pretty much sums up my opinion about travelling:

And often we use our busyness as an excuse to not travel, as we are constrained to our daily routines and tasks. That, I believe, is not a good way of thinking.

Why? Because for normal, working people, we are provided with several conditions. It could be either:

1. We have a more money, but less time.
2. We have more time, but less money.

So, what did you choose? What would you prefer?
Wait until you are older, and then you would have the time and money. But then, you would not have the energy and strength to travel, like a youth does.


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