Kanching Waterfall & Recreational Forest


Getting There

On 14th March 2015, I went to Kanching recreational forest (locally known as "Sungai Kanching") with my two friends. It all started with the intention to spend the weekend soaking in refreshing river. We live in Shah Alam, hence we decided to "Google" for the nearest waterfalls. Eventually, this place was our choice as it is only about 47 kilometres from Shah Alam. We went there by motorcycle, by the way.

Headed there early in Saturday morning, at about 0700 hours. Pictures were taken using my ASUS Zenfone 5 camera. The pictures below were taken en route, as we were riding on the highway.

The sun was rising.

It was slightly cold and foggy. The air was fresh.

Not many traffics since it was quite early in the morning.


Picture taken by my friend, Azizi.

Almost there. Just keep heading towards Taman Rimba Templer.

We will travel the same road to go to Taman Rimba Templer. But, notice that we will first pass Kanching Waterfall, and the Taman Rimba Templer will be a few more kilometres ahead. After this signboard, keep a close attention on the road as there will be a junction. You don't want to miss it. Take left and you will arrive at Kanching Waterfall.

At the Recreational Forest

Had just arrived. There are many entrances to this place.

Me and my friend, Azizi.

The picture above was taken just before we started our climb to the waterfalls. Notice that we carried along our helmets. Tips for motorcyclist: Either bring your helmet along with you or leave it at the storage counter (you will have to pay a little amount of money for that).



Because there are monkeys in this area. Quite a lot of monkeys, and they are not really afraid of people. Leave your helmets at your motorcycle and soon they would come and gnaw or tear it to pieces. What a curious creature!

Safety precautions:

We got to know a few people who operates the food stall at this area, and here are some things that we learned:

1. The waterfall consists of several level, or as the locals say it, "tingkat". Overall, we were told that there are about 13 "tingkat"", of which each level has its own waterfall. The higher you go, the more challenging the forest path will be.

As we climb the forest path, we noticed that there are no signage whatsoever indicating the "tingkat" that we are currently in. But I assume that we stop at either the 6th or 7th "tingkat".

However, it is recommended that we do not go above the 7th level. Why? Read number 2 below:

2. There are robbers in this area. Literally in the forest. There had been a number of reported cases dated back to a few years. These robbers would prey on visitors, ambushing them along the forest path or as the visitors are bathing in the river. Just be careful, okay?

Most of the victims are foreigners. And most of the robberies happened on weekdays. That is because there are fewer visitors on weekdays. So, I would recommend you to visit this place on weekends. More people on weekends, hence we would feel safer.

...and the robbers used violence. They were reported to carry weapons with them. A few years ago, we were told that two female visitors from Australia were robbed. They had some knowledge on martial arts and tried to fight. Unfortunately, one of them was slashed and sustained terrible injuries. Somehow they managed to make it down to the waterfall entrance, but one of them was dead due to loss of blood.

(Note: The stories were told by the locals. I am not really sure of the truth behind it. But still, maybe we could learn something?)

This sign must be here for a reason. So, be careful.

 Here are some pictures of the forest path that you would have to climb:

Sunlight on me! Beautiful, subhanallah. ^_^
My friends, Azizi and Mubin.
Among the first views that we came across.

This is, I think, the 2nd "tingkat".

The three of us. :-)
Look at the size of the ant! Wonder whether it bites or not?
Just me, appreciating the beauty of nature. :-)
So, we decided to park here. Nice spot, with a fallen tree to hang our clothes.
Tried this fabulous pose as soon as I jump in the water. Oh my, felt dizzy right after this pose.

Below are some pictures of the scenery.

Some were taken using HDR (High Dynamic Range) mode using my ASUS Zenfone 5.

We have been friends for, like, 6 years.

Inception. :-p

There is some kind of abseiling activity here, too. Apparently they are climbing down the waterfall using a rope:

And there were also some students from a private college doing community work by collecting rubbish and cleaning the river area. That is good.

The path could be with stairs or without stairs, depending on the location:

Sometimes you could have stairs.
Sometimes it is the forest path.
One of the nice place to take a picture.
This is the gate that you will pass as you enter the waterfall area.

Public toilets are provided.

Look at the vast area. Some people choose to have family day or other group activities here.

Azizi bought us "ais krim roti". Thank you. ^_^
Preparing for our ride back home. Safety first!

To those of you who plan to come here, have fun~ And be careful at the same time.

Feel free to comment if you have any questions, or to share your experiences. Sharing is caring. ^_^

...The End...

Hello World!

Assalamualaikum and hello to you, the reader.

My name is Aiman, and I established this blog to share my experiences of travelling to interesting places in Malaysia. Hopefully people could benefit from my sharing of experiences, and could broaden our knowledge, especially for those planning to travel to these places.

I love travelling to new places. It makes me feel alive. Going to new places, meeting new and positive people, learning new things and acquiring new perspective of life...those are what I love best about travelling.

Allow me to share this quote, which pretty much sums up my opinion about travelling:

And often we use our busyness as an excuse to not travel, as we are constrained to our daily routines and tasks. That, I believe, is not a good way of thinking.

Why? Because for normal, working people, we are provided with several conditions. It could be either:

1. We have a more money, but less time.
2. We have more time, but less money.

So, what did you choose? What would you prefer?
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